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Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti (aka Larry D. Crawford) is the co-founder and co-director of an independent Afrikan
centered full-time and after-school home schooling and tutorial program. He is the author of four self-
published books, Excuses, Excuses: The Politics of Interracial Coupling in European Culture, negroes and
other essays, Chess Primer: An Introduction to the Game of Chess and The Sex Imperative. He is currently
working on three books dealing with effeminacy gender confusion among Afrikan males, entitled
Homosexuality and the Effeminization of the Afrikan Male (November 2003), Afrikan manhood, entitled Asafo:
Afrikan Warriorhood (2004) and another collection of essays, entitled Deliver the Word (2005).

He served as Assistant Professor of Sociology at Morehouse College from 1991 to 2001. He received his
graduate training at the University of Chicago and has also taught at Chicago State University. Recognized for
his dedication to students and community alike, he has served as the faculty advisor to numerous student
organizations at Morehouse College, as well as other institutions in the Atlanta University Center. He has
been keynote speaker, guest lecturer and moderator for numerous forums, programs and activities in places,
including Holly Springs, MS, Atlanta, GA, Raliegh, NC and Chicago, IL. He has been a guest on WRFG, WAOK,
WVON, WCLK, radio and The Tom Pope Show, as well as AT&T Cable’s Insight with
Nana Prempeh. He has taught chess for the last 12 years at a number of independent Black schools. He has
written numerous articles analyzing Afrikan culture and manhood, Black Economics, African centered
definitions of manhood, European society and cultural history and other topics as they relate to the Afrikan
community globally. He has been published and/or featured in The Faith Tribune, Frontline, XXL and EM
(Ebony Man) magazines, the Atlanta Daily World, The Atlanta Voice, the Journal of Social and Behavioral
Sciences and on the National Black United Front and African World Net websites. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia
with is wife, Yaa Mawusi, also co-founder and co-director of their homeschooling program and their daughter,
Adwoa Foluke.
Sesh is the oldest known name for those individuals we now mistakenly call
scribes. In ancient Kemetic society, it was the title bestowed on those individuals
whose profession it was to record our truths, explain our vision and defend the
Way of our people against the confusion of others. It remains a most honorable
calling, involving the incredibly beautiful struggle of mastering independent Afrikan
thought. Only those who refuse to be spiritually, psychologically and physically
intimidated by this anti-Afrikan environment qualify to follow the path of a sesh.
This book is also a heartfelt call for serious, conscious Afrikans to build
independent publishing and distribution companies for us. If we are to develop as
a self-defining, self-determining, powerful people, we must create institutions,
which will champion strong, dynamic Afrikan centered interpretations of reality.
Only in this way will our literature and thiking remain firmly rooted in the
uncompromising traditions of our Ancestors.
Notes toward Higher Ideals in Afrikan
Intellectual Liberation

In these two essays, Mwalimu Baruti
discusses the problems and solutions
to the issues of Afrikan thinkers being
validated by Europeans and european
institutions and the politics of liberation
as practiced by four movements
Afrikans have ourstorically joined in
our efforts to become empowered
individually and as a people.
Kebuka - $14.95
Remembering The
Middle Passage
Through The Eyes Of
Our Ancestors
Mentacide - $16.95
Mentacide occurs when you willingly
think and act out of someone else's
interpretation of reality to their benefit
and against your survival. It is a state
of subtle insanity which, over the last
few hundred years, has come to
characterize more and more Afrikans
globally. This collection of essays
addresses various aspects of this
self-negating confusion.
Asafo - $16.95
Asafo is an in-depth Afrikan centered
discussion of the requirements of
Afrikan manhood.  In it, the author
clearly lays out our sources of power
and the tools that must be acquired,
mastered and used if we are to reclaim
our correct role as warrior scholars in
the battle to provide safe, sacred and
empowering spaces for our families
and communities.
Eureason: An Afrikan Centered
Critique of Eurocentric Social Science

If we are to think our way through this
reality without losing sight of who we
are, we must have proper tools to keep
us grounded in our truth. We must be
able to scientifically decipher this way
of being we currently exist in through
an Afrikan centered lens. - $19.00
Sex Imperative - $16.00
This book makes a very complex subject transparent. It challenges the reader to
re-define sex and create a holistic sex that reflects an African culture.
Excuses, Excuses: The Politics of Interracial Coupling in European Culture

Many believe racial amalgamation is the final step into racial equality. the free and open mating
and mixing of the Africans and Europeans is supposerd to eventually create a social
environment where the idea of race itself becomes menaningless. But why is this believed? What
are the bases for this assumption? This book attempts to address this belief  by exploring ten of
the most popular excuses African males give for pursuing relationships with European females.
They include everything from " I just fell in love" to the aggression of African women to revenge
against European men. It is the intent of the author to expose them for what they are, rationales
to conceal and justify mentacide.
$13 US (Race Relations, Cultural Identity)
ISBN 0-9678943-6-0  
Chess Primer - $13.00
Chess Primer has been specifically designed to help simplify many of the
concepts and ideas fundamental to the game of chess so that they can
immediately begin to play and test their skills out on each other.
Afrikan Warrior Couples Excerpt taken from the last chapter: The couple is the bedrock of the
nation. Without it there is no family, no people. Without couples there can be no family to
procreate and rear confident, untroubled, anchored children. No viable, community-respecting
generation can be born to continue the process of life, living, building and defending. Afrikan
couples must be whole, individually and as one. They must be able to trust their selves and each
other implicitly. And that is what makes it imperative that we carefully choose our mates for Afrikan
reasons. We must choose with vision. For we are the vanguard. Our unions have purpose far
greater than the wants or needs of either member individually or the couple together. We do not
bemoan this privilege. In fact, it is just the opposite. We are soldiers in love with forming beautiful
families, rearing happy, thinking children, building strong, lasting communities, raising a mighty
nation and removing all enemies. For Afrikan warrior scholar complements, there is no other
reason for being.
negores and other essays - $13.00

These eleven essays by Larry D. Crawford (Mwalimu A. Bomani Baruti) speak to the
mentality required of this quest. They include The New Humanity, Shackles, The Cultural
Continuum, The Truth of Liars, Inner Vision, Black Capital, Racism, Colorism and Power,
negroes, I Am Not Ashamed, Dedication to an Afrikan and Voices in the Tradition of the
Afrikan Warrior
Homosexuality and the Effeminization of the Afrikan Male - $19.95

Homosexuality and the Effiminization of the Afrikan Male begins with an Afrikan Centered
investigation into the origins and historical evolution of homosexuality.  This elemental study
expands into a detailed analysis of the most important part of this work; the growing gender
confusion of Afrikans socialized into european culture and society.
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