Lifestyles of the Rich and Kinky....
Certified Sisterlocks Consultant
The Process

Step 1 – The Consultation – The consultation takes about an hour.  
The Sisterlocks Certified Consultant will determine, based upon the
length, density and hair texture, the amount of time it will take for
your Sisterlocks to be completed, as well as the cost.

Step 2 – The Appointment – Once your appoint is set, then you will
meet with the Sisterlocks Certified Consultant to have your
“Sisterlocks Transformation.”  Bring a good book or magazine and
plenty of snacks.  At this time a follow-up session will be scheduled.

Step 3 – The Follow-up Session (Mini retightening) – After your
Sisterlocks have been completed, you will need to attend a Follow-
up session, at which time your hair is checked for slippage and
overall evaluation of how well the Sisterlocks are forming.